The Service Behind the Software

The 340B Program is a strong program, and now more than ever, is the time to test your TPA’s strength and service. Do you feel you are receiving adequate support?

We know that successfully navigating the 340B Program demands more than utilizing compliant, industry leading technology. It also requires the provision of superior client support and education.

Client support should be viewed as an integral part of the services being provided by your TPA and should not be seen as an external extension of them. 340Basics is dedicated to providing ongoing support to ensure clients’ needs are being met. Through dedicated Account Managers, a designated pharmacy support team, and online resources, we are able to provide accountability and accessibility to each and every client.

What should you expect from the service behind YOUR software solution?

Dedicated Account Managers

340Basics clients receive dedicated support from their designated Account Manager. Clients have the convenience of working one-on-one with a dedicated Account Manager throughout the duration of our partnership. Your Account Manager will remain familiar with your organization’s specific program goals and history.

Our team is always available to assess growth, answer questions, and offer support. In addition, we schedule a Monthly Program Review to cover anything you would like to discuss. Topics include full scale health check of your program, review of savings and financials, industry news, issues and concerns, and suggestions for program improvement. These Program Reviews will provide additional training as needed.

Scheduling a monthly call allows for us to have a dedicated one-on-one time set aside for peace of mind, however, Program Reviews can be scheduled as frequently as the client sees fit. At discretion of the client, we are available for weekly, biweekly, or monthly calls, and day-to-day calls are always welcome. We are here for our clients!

Pharmacy Support

Not only do we provide Account Manager support for our clients, but we have a dedicated department for pharmacy support. Our pharmacy support team is available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 9 PM nationwide for contract pharmacies general inquiries. They are skilled in assisting pharmacies with invoicing, reporting, claims and system lockouts and will respond within a few hours.

This team also provides contract pharmacy trainings at the start of our partnership, along with refresher courses three days a week. Clients can choose from these ongoing courses or schedule an individual training session.

Education and Knowledge

Our mission is to help your 340B Program grow, and in addition to our software and service, we provide our clients with the education and knowledge to operate a compliant program. Our team is comprised of 340B Experts with a vast understanding of the program and how it operates. We are here to share our knowledge through webinars, blogs, and resources.

340Basics’ Educational Webinars aim to inform and engage on various 340B topics. Our Webinar Library hosted on our website houses recordings pertaining to current events impacting the 340B Program, our various cutting-edge 340B software solutions and industry-leading guest speakers discussing trending topics.

Updated frequently, 340Basics Blog features relevant industry related articles. Our team remains abreast of all healthcare, specifically 340B related, industry news and formats it in comprehendible blog posts. Recent topics include UDS Reporting, Manufacturer Notices, and Health Center success during COVID-19.

Our website also hosts a vast library of resources for clients to download on demand. We have put together informational one-pagers highlighting our services and software, case studies, and articles and press releases to share with your team.

340Basics is dedicated to providing ongoing support to each and every client. If you would like to learn more about how we can assist your organization and help your 340B Program flourish with ease, contact our team today.


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