What are your 340B Goals for the New Year? - Let's 340"Be" Positive!

2020 was an especially challenging year, with many issues directly affecting Covered Entities and the 340B Program. From the COVID-19 pandemic to drug manufacturer challenges, many Covered Entities were forced to put their own goals and expectations on the backburner.

However, these troubling times have also forced us to stand together and support one another like never before. 340Basics’ mission is to continuously support and exceed the needs of our healthcare partners. Through our innovative software, consulting services, and educational webinars, we ensure our clients remain informed and up-to-date on the industry. With the new year, we encourage our partners to leave their daily struggles and stress to us, saving them time and energy to focus on their 340B goals.

340B Goal #1: Reduce Stress

Let us take care of your 340B Program so that you can focus on the healthcare needs of your community. Without the correct software, 340B programs can be susceptible to inaccuracy, wasted manpower, penalties, and risk of non-compliance from HRSA. 340Basics’ 340B Drug Management Software, takes all the pieces of the 340B puzzle to deliver a solution that takes these burdens off your shoulders, saving your Covered Entity time and energy. We equip Covered Entities and Contract Pharmacies with a ready-to-use virtual inventory management system that increases accessibility, data integrity, and contains detailed reporting features. Developed with the oversight of an actual covered entity administrator, it is designed to be efficient and user-friendly.

340B Goal #2: Boost Savings

Implementing a referral program is an efficient way to see an increase in savings for your organization. Zentro, our Advanced Referral Program, marries our innovative technology with exceptional service. Organizations utilizing Zentro experience increased savings and accurate referral claims data, all while reducing staff hours. Dedicated Account Managers work diligently to close the loop on the referral process, efficiently capturing more claims and boosting savings for your organization while keeping you compliant.

340B Goal #3: Ongoing Support

The 340B Program is a strong program, and now more than ever, is the time to test your TPA’s strength and knowledge. Client support should be viewed as an integral part of the services being provided by your TPA. We know that successfully navigating the 340B Program demands more than utilizing compliant, industry leading technology. It also requires the provision of superior client support and education. 340Basics clients receive dedicated support from their designated Account Manager, as well as a technical support system that is housed inside our portal. In addition, our website hosts a plethora of valuable industry information. Our blog features relevant industry related articles. Visitors can also find informational downloads and case studies in our Resource Library, as well as Educational Webinars recording in our Webinar Library.

This year, we continue to support our healthcare partners in accomplishing their 340B goals. Whether your mission is to increase savings for your organization or qualify for program inclusion, we have your back and will ensure you achieve success. No matter how big or small your goals are, our innovative technology and exceptional service is designed to meet and exceed your expectations, helping you overcome the troubles of 2020 and find support and peace of mind in the years to come. 


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