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What is the UDS Report?

The Uniform Data System (UDS) is a standardized data set and annual program requirement defined in Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act. Each year, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), as well as look-a-likes, must report on their performance. This data is vital to further expand access, address health disparities, improve quality, and reduce costs of health care.

The core set of information includes patient demographics and characteristics, staffing and services provided, clinical processes and outcomes, as well as cost and revenues. HRSA uses this data to further expand access, address health disparities, improve quality, and reduce the cost of healthcare. The submission of the UDS Report begins January 1st and ends February 15th.

Client and Covered Entities have shared with us several pain points associated with preparing the UDS report including access to data, accuracy or inability to produce the specified data, and the labor some process needed to generate the final report. Our Industry Leading 340B UDS Reporting Tool has been able to significantly reduce the pain points for programs managed by 340Basics.

340B Program Specific UDS Requirements

In total, there are twelve tables and three forms to be completed annually. Two of which include 340B required data.

Table 8A: Financial Costs

Financial Cost Table 8A reports the total cost of all activities attributable to the reporting period. 340Basics UDS Report calculates Line 8a for all vendor cost passing through our platform. We added a True Up and Settlement cost field as additional information for pharmacies using this operation model, these charges in field 8a can be included; if applicable.

Table 9D: Patient Related Revenue

The Patient-Related Revenue table reports patients service revenue, including charges, collections and adjustments attributable to the reporting period. 340Basics Report format aligns with Table 9D for ease of reporting and to minimize error.

Ease the UDS Struggle with 340Basics 340B UDS Reporting Tool

340Basics UDS Reporting Tool contains each requirement requested in the relevant tables 8A and 9D. Both the report layout and export mimic the HRSA UDS Report for seamless data entry, including all supported data.

Our supported data section includes many additional fields to aid Covered Entities, consultants, and Account Managers in their program management. Highlights of this area include Age, Gender, Secondary Payor, Zip Code, Slide, Admin and Dispensing Fees, and WAC calculated per Unit Dispensed.

Our 340B UDS Reporting tool is available directly in our 340B software, ensuring efficiency and compliance. Our advanced reporting function alleviates stress and hours spent preparing this federally required report. 340Basics’ 340B UDS Reporting Tool, allows users to make selections on various time frames. In addition, our report is fully optimized, taking only moments to produce to our preview screen, which can be downloaded in several formats including excel, PDF, csv., and more.

Our dedicated Account Managers have been trained and are ready to assist clients with questions now, during or after your reporting session. In addition, Health Centers can access additional assistance with the links below:


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