At Apovia we believe in people power above all else. Scroll along to discover what we are made of and who we are made for.

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Apovia works with community health centers who bring holistic, quality healthcare to their community members by tackling the social determinants of health; more than just dispensing pills, our work strengthens the fabric of a community. Read more here.


We are proud to work in an industry whose founding principle is ensuring healthcare equity. But beyond just a mission statement, we are committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for all our employees and patients.


Healthcare is an ever growing field consisting of entities and individuals with wide-ranging interests and perspectives. We thus value team members who see are able to connect the dots and create solutions that create the maximum possible value for all stakeholders, while solving unique patient pain points.

Why choose us?

Generous 401K Matching

Comprehensive Health Plans

Work-Life Balance

Travel Expense Covered

Hybrid Workplace

Close-Knit Team

Meet Our Talented Team Members

Emmanuel Nyarko

Chief Pharmacy Officer

David E. Coury

Vice President of Pharmacy

Michelle Duffy

Director of Clinical Services

Christina Kobeski

Pharmacist in Charge

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

We have consistently surpassed all growth expectations in the years since our founding. A testament to our growth, we earned a top 20% place in the 2021 Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies and were recently acquired by Nuvem Healthcare, a giant in our industry. Our continued upwards trajectory means that bigger and better work hats are in no short supply!

Open Positions

Pharmacist-in-Charge (BALTIMORE, MD)

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Pharmacist-in-Charge (READING, PA)

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IT Systems Analyst, (SHARON HILL, PA)

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Compliance Specialist, (SHARON HILL, PA)

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Love us but don’t see a position that fits? Get in touch anyway! Email [email protected] with your resume and the subject “Open Position.”

A Solution For The Times

Now is the time to realize the importance of having a flourishing in-house pharmacy. Whether you’re building and credentialing a pharmacy from scratch or revamping an existing operation, shielding your program from manufacturer restrictions is key. At Apovia, we’re committed to safeguarding our CE partners’ resources so they can continue providing quality healthcare to at-risk populations.

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